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Townie BAGELS ™ is a Micro-Bakery (Cottage Industry) based in Palm Springs California. What does this mean? It means my bagels and breads are made in my home kitchen from scratch, and delivered to your door. We do not have a store front, and as part of the Cottage Industry AB-1616 law, you may not pick up your purchase from my kitchen. So order in advance and we will deliver your order to your Palm Springs California address.

Using old school methods, the bagels are made with multigrain flours, mixed and shaped the night before. The next day they are boiled in malted water, seeded or left plain and baked upside down for the first few minutes then flipped over and baked till golden brown. These methods, make for a flavorful and round bagel. Don't be fooled by bakers that just over steam their ovens and call their steamed bread - bagels. Those steamed breads will never get the shiny, malted, chewy crust that only a boiled bagel will have.

Businesses we deliver to you too. Let Townie BAGELS cater your Boardroom Bagels.

We have a store in the works!

There is another half of the store on other side of the wall for our kitchen. Doorway has not been cut open yet. We have 2000 sq. feet of space.

Help build our Store buy items from our MyRegistry.com list;

Pickup Bagels at LOCAL Farmers markets

Certified Farmers Markets

Photo of Chef Andy Wysocki at Townie Bagels Farmers Market booth in Palm Springs

Palm Springs - Saturday - 8am -1230pm - 2300 Baristo Rd, Palm Springs, CA. Adjacent The Camelot Theatres.

Palm Desert - Wednesday - 8am -1pm - 27-567 Highway 111, Palm Desert, CA. Adjacent The Visitors Center.

We are CLOSED on Tuesdays, sorry no order taking or deliveries.

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